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Customized Flat Slings Have Higher Protection

Customized Flat Slings have higher protection against wear and damage. In the flat hoops used in general hoisting, due to the superior performance of the lifting belt to have a very long working life, but also in the hoisting operation must also be with the correct protective cover to prevent the lifting belt by the weapon or the lifting of the cut hurt.

Customized Flat Slings weight only 20% of the same load chain, the use of more secure and difficult to cause harm to the human body. Can be used in dangerous and explosive environment, will not cause sparks. In addition, the low elongation of the Customized Flat Slings can reduce the beating of the hoisting objects in the hoisting operation and avoid the damage of the impact. At the same time flattened tape through the dyeing code can provide a simple correct load recognition method, fully facilitate the lifting of the user.

Unique advantages:

1, Customized Flat Slings can be divided into single and multi-layer, and a variety of sewing methods.

2. The Customized Flat Slings size may vary depending on the user's requirements. (0-50 tons of load, the length of 1-100 meters)

3, Customized Flat Slings bearing surface width, can reduce the surface load pressure.

4, lifting the outer surface smooth and fine objects, will not hurt the hanging material.

5, can be added anti-wear protective cover and anti-cut protective cover.

6, the safety factor ratio of 6: 1