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Customized Flat Slings Is Widely Used In Lifting Works

Customized Flat Slings for lifting hooks and other lifting objects, can be applied to a variety of lifting conditions under the lifting of the object, it is both high-intensity, but also can not harm the surface of the object, both light and soft, you can use a variety of combinations The The flat surface of the Customized Flat Slings is fine and does not cause damage to the damaged object. And more ways to lift, can also be used to drag the hanging material. My company has a sufficient flat sling supply, but also provide a variety of imported flat harness. With a unique label, and the use of international standard color to distinguish between bearing tonnage, even if the Customized Flat Slings wear is also easy to identify.

Flat lifting lifting operation need to pay attention to the following points:

1, do not let Customized Flat Slings knot;

2, to avoid the seizure or shock load;

3, do not use damaged Customized Flat Slings;

4, when moving Customized Flat Slings, do not drag;

5, to avoid tearing the joint parts or overload work;

6, nylon in the damp, the strong loss of up to 15%;

7, each Customized Flat Slings must be checked before every use;

8, polypropylene is suitable for the most resistant to chemical use of the place;

9, nylon has resistance to inorganic acid, susceptible to organic acid damage;

10, polyester has resistance to inorganic acid function, but vulnerable to organic acid damage;

11, if the sling is likely to be contaminated by chemicals or used at high temperatures, you should seek advice from suppliers.