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Sling Rigging Differences?

General talk about rigging, sometimes referring to Sling. However, although they are only a Word, but the two are different, so don't mix. So, simple to distinguish between what, and then explain the lifter and Sling which is required in order to enable them to learn more new knowledge, so as to increase the amount of their knowledge.
Lifting slings are the same thing, please? That is, where is the difference between them?
Spreader, it refers to the rigidity of the lifting operation used in the access device, or device for hanging items directly, such as hook, is a kind of Sling. Rigging, it is a combination of access device, and is flexible, is generally made from high strength, flexible, then tie the end rings, hooks, shackles and other combinations of. So, this is essentially the difference between the two.
Lifting and rigging requirements, there are two main parts, namely:
(1) General requirements
A. sling with Sling use, should be kind, lifting adapted to specific requirements and environment.
B. lifting and rigging operations, checks and confirmation are intact and properly after use, can be started.
C. before the tie hangs, you should confirm that tied the crane connection point is solid and reliable, so as to avoid problems.
D. does not exceed the rated lifting capacity to carry, not to exceed the safe load, this is very dangerous.
(2) basic requirements
A. structural stress must be as simple, stress must be clear, so that you can reduce the effects of stress concentrations.
B. activity on the spreader parts and, if necessary, the protective cover should be installed.
C. quality of hoisting and rigging should be used, and cannot be used.